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Dean’s Message

Professor Shaista Shameem PhD Waikato, LLM Auckland, LLB Waikato, MA Canterbury, BA USP


Welcome to the School of Law!

The University of Fiji Law School was established in 2008, initially at Samabula Campus and then, to provide western division students with the same opportunities for studying law, was expanded to the Saweni Campus.

The School of Law had a unique perspective from the start; it was the intention of the Founding Dean and the academic staff at the time that the School would emphasise a ‘face to face’ teaching methodology on the grounds that law as a discipline requires interactive communication for its effectiveness in the public domain. It was decided, in addition, that the School would emphasise law ‘in the Fijian context within the framework of an internationalised curriculum’.

The School has continued in this tradition from 2008. There is much emphasis on mooting, and rigorous debate about current affairs that have a bearing on legal studies is strongly supported. The aim of our School is to produce graduates with impeccable formal credentials, an enquiring and critical mind, confidence in public speaking, and passionate advocacy skills. We also aim to foster in students a sense of pride in their School’s legal pedagogy, and to appreciate and apply original and novel perspectives on the law.

The School of Law has, so far, produced more than 100 law graduates who are admitted to the Fijian Bar. Our graduates are highly regarded by the legal community and most are employed almost as soon as they are admitted. A number of our graduates have also obtained their Master of Laws from distinguished universities overseas. The academic staff of the School come from diverse areas of legal practice and offer a broad and robust range of core and elective courses that build up the programme which was approved by the Board of Legal Education. The research and publications profile of staff of the School is also growing.

As a new development from 2015, the School of Law has been given the responsibility for the International and Regional Relations Programme (INR) of the University, previously known as CIRA. In future, relevant post-graduate programmes in Law and INR will be aligned to provide students with a cutting edge combined curriculum if required for their career development.

Aside from LLB and INR the School also offers the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) which is a requirement for practice at the Bar.


Professor Shaista Shameem  PhD Waikato, LLM (Hons) Auckland, LLB (Hons) Waikato, MA (Hons) Canterbury, BA USP



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