Welcome to the University of Fiji Library!

The University of Fiji Library plays a vital role in teaching, learning and research process of the university by providing quality information resources to its staff, students and researchers. While we continue to support traditional modes of knowledge through our print collections, primary source material, and research consultations, we increasingly support emerging trends in learning and knowledge, such as digital information formats, electronic /online resources and sustaining key partnerships to better enable student success.

We have developed information research skill training programs to support students with research assistance. Through our emphasis on collections, service, and collaboration, we are developing innovative approaches to modern research, such as data set utilization, management, and preservation; expertise in scholarly metrics and scholarly communication; and digital resources.

One of our major goals is to create a more inspiring academic library atmosphere. We will be working to increase the accessibility of resources for our off-campus students. While the collection will continue to grow and stay current, our digital holdings will increase rapidly. Our focus will be on in-depth and scholarly connections on each and every subject that is taught in the University as we position the library to meet the needs of the future.

I invite you to join us in our mission to enable educational and research success, whether by exploring the website, visiting the library, or supporting our initiatives.

Jose Poulose
University Librarian