Bachelor of Science in Physics (Double Major)

Physics is the most basic and fundamental science which encompasses the study of the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particle. The current issues that dominate not only Fiji but the entire world include energy security, environment, climate change and sustainability. The physics offerings are aligned to these specific needs. Using the fundamentals of science and technology, the courses will enhance the understanding of the issues and ways to provide possible pathways in the overall development context. A bachelor’s degree in Physics is the key to challenging, meaningful, and rewarding careers in industry, government, academia, and private sector.

PHY111 Physics 1
PHY112 Physics 2
PHY212 Atmospheric Physics
PHY213 Quantum Physics
PHY214 Physics of the Environment
PHY311 Research Topic in Physics
PHY312 Renewable Energy resources
PHY313 Meteorological Physics
PHY314 Electricity and Electronics
PHY315 Environmental Soil Physics

Compulsory service courses for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Double Majors (offered in both Semester I & II):

ITC100 Information Technology for the Workplace
ITK111 Spoken Fijian (Itaukei Language) for Beginners or HIC111 Spoken Hindi for Beginners
LLC101 English for Academic Purposes
UUU100 Social Research
UUU200 Contemporary Fiji
UUU300 Governance and Ethics

Interdisciplinary compulsory courses;

Year 2:

ESC200 Scientific Methods

ESC201 Climate Change & Society

Year 3:

ESC300 Natural Resource Management