Vice-Chancellor’s Message

vcI warmly welcome you to the University of Fiji (UniFiji) and the web pages of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. As a student, staff, or visitor, I would encourage you to explore this distinguished University.UniFiji is an exceptional institution of higher learning, with expertise in a broad disciplinary spectrum combined with interdisciplinary initiatives, and with excellent academic support.

UniFiji is the only University committed to providing higher education to students who have no access to other tertiary institutions. With a firm commitment to providing higher education for all, especially the disadvantaged, the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji in 2005 established UniFiji, which only recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. For these reasons, I feel very privileged and honored to lead and provide academic direction and strategy to this University into its second decade of intellectual discovery.

This University is an emerging and innovative academic powerhouse, making for transformative learning, teaching, and research through some energizing features, as: its strong regional characteristics vis-a-vis the twelve Pacific Island countries with diversified cultures; its concern to ensure that students previously without appropriate access to quality and affordable education can now have this exposure; its objectives to contribute to the national needs of Fiji within the context of a global framework; its linkages with the University of Canberra, University of Waikato, and the University of New England to promote international credibility and recognition; its dynamic and progressive move to initiate medicine and law programs in 2008, only three years after its establishment; its theme in the strategic plan to create new knowledge for the citizens of Fiji and the international community; its genre of applying state-of-the-art technology in learning, teaching, and research; its focus to develop a research culture to create knowledge; its seamless structure to maximize students’ choices and provide a holistic education; and its unceasing commitment to construct an innovative and diverse academic environment to produce environmental sustainability.

Whether, you are a student, faculty, or support staff, you will soon experience even further energization because this is an exhilarating time at UniFiji. The new Strategic Plan is evolving, and during this time, you will have an unforgettable opportunity and experience to voice what UniFiji should be, where we would like to go as UniFiji people, and then to formulate and construct plans and structures to give meaning and reality to our vision. We expect the strategic plan, among other things, to enrich UniFiji’s remarkable student experience; bring world-class services to our students, faculty, and staff; attract greater numbers of postgraduate students; promote UniFiji’s international strategy; better the performance on employability for our graduates; and increase our research capacity consistent with international standards and best practices.

At UniFiji, we perpetually demonstrate our passion for learning, teaching, and research; we place a great significance on investing in student experience; and where students are the most important stakeholders.

As you peruse this URL, I hope you experience greater enthusiasm about UniFiji as I am, and that the URL provides a useful summary of UniFiji. Furthermore, hopefully, your engagement with this website would induce you to seek additional information on UniFiji. You may also seek us out on Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the UniFiji experience, as UniFiji meets the world.

Professor Prem Misir, Ph.D, MPH, M.Phil, B.S.Sc. (Honours), FRSPH

Vice-Chancellor’s Speeches

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Welcoming Speech for Semester 1, 2017 Student Orientation.

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