English Learning Centre (ELC)

1 About Us

Founded in 2014, The University of Fiji English Learning Centre, in Saweni, has an international reputation for providing a wide range of quality English language courses, expert teaching and excellent student services.

Our courses and teaching are designed to provide effective training for students who need English for their work, study, travel or personal pleasure.

The English Learning Centre exists to give all of our students the best teaching and learning facilities we can. We are committed to providing you with excellent courses in a warm, friendly and professional environment, as well as caring for every aspect of your stay.

We understand that everyone is unique with different needs and different goals. From your first contact with us, we will provide you with individual attention to help achieve your goals.

We look forward to welcoming you to ELC and to the University of Fiji.

1.1 Vision

Students to become leaders in English Language/English Literature teaching and learning. The University of Fiji aspires to be globally trusted, innovative and professional provider of English Language courses.

1.2 Mission

The English Learning Centre at The University of Fiji exists to serve the language needs of students who are in a transitional period as they are about to embark on a learning experience where the medium of instruction is English. The staff of the ELC is committed to creating and maintaining an organized and trusting environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students are assisted as they develop their language skills. All aspects of the teaching activities are student centred and designed to accommodate individual differences and learning styles in order for all to experience success and to empower and inspire our students to communicate with confidence. We will achieve desired improvement by the dedication and innovation of ELC staff.

2 The University of Fiji English Learning Centre aims to help students:

  • become competent and confident communicators in English
  • complete their academic studies successfully
  • compete in the domestic and international job market
  • communicate effectively with the global community

2.1 We do this by:

  • delivering high quality, practical English language training
  • providing facilities and guidance for independent language study
  • promoting and supporting informal activities for English language practice

2.2 Objectives

The objective of the ELC is to provide high quality English language services to help students complete their academic studies successfully and compete in the domestic and global job market upon graduation. The portfolio of the ELC includes English language courses and co-curricular services and activities, which include opportunities and guidance for independent English language study as well as informal English language practice.

  • The principal ELC course is English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course designed for students who need to meet the university English Language Attainment Requirement preparing them for academic study in a university which uses English as a medium of instruction. The course consists of focused English language instruction in academic literacy, helping students recognize and use the conventions and features of academic writing and to read critically.
  • In addition to EAP, the ELC provides a large number of out-of-classroom support services and activities for all University students and has three main areas of focus – independent learning, speaking and writing. The independent learning provides students with the resources which include printed and on-line materials for English language learners and also offers workshops on specific English language skills to help students work independently on improving all aspects of their English. The speaking area offers presentation skills workshops and runs informal speaking activities and the writing section runs workshops on a variety of linguistic and rhetorical aspects of writing and also houses the Language Clinic which offers one-to-one peer advice on students’ writing assignments.

3 Our Shared Values

  • friendly, caring and safe learning environment
  • value trust as the foundation of our interactions
  • wide variety of English language courses for adults
  • experienced and professional teachers
  • embrace innovation in the delivery of our courses
  • maintain professionalism in everything we do
  • pursue continuous improvement in order to serve our students better
  • great location (close to international airport)

4 Our Culture Statement

A culture defines who we are. It sets forth aims and principles of a united group. Based on our shared values, we are committed to developing an open culture where both staff and students are treated with care, concern and respect in working together to build a successful English learning community. Our success is based on our shared values and commitment to building our centre for the future, on discovering creative and innovative ways of doing things, on improving the quality of our courses and the services we offer to our students, on building strong relationships with our students, and in striving to continuously improve everything we do. Continuous improvement demands a professional and positive can do-attitude from us all. A professional and positive attitude empowers and propels us towards realizing our vision.

5 Quality Policy

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our courses and services; quality in terms of three core dimensions: quality of staff, quality of materials and quality of learning environment. First, we define quality in terms of the professionalism of our staff, from our academic team to our marketing team. Second, we define quality in terms of utilizing the best learning materials and resources available. Third, we define quality in terms of our English learning environment with classes of no more than 15 students. These three aspects of quality provide the foundation of our education mission. Our commitment to quality is further defined and articulated through our core values of professionalism; partnership; respect and success.

6 Study Zone

The Study Zone is for students of the English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Fiji. ELC teachers create the English language lessons and practice exercises. This zone is designed for our adult English language learners, but all are welcome to join the ELC for reading the lessons and using the exercises.

6.1 Choose your English language level:

  • Upper Beginner (Basic English)
  • Lower Intermediate (Level 100)
  • Intermediate (Level 200)
  • Upper Intermediate (Level 300)
  • Advanced (Level 400)

All levels:

  • Grammar

6 Direction

Study Zone is made up of levels. Each level has language topics. Each topic has lessons. Lessons include exercises to help you improve your English.


7 Employment

Our ELC Programmes have been created to provide Students and unemployed Graduates with the skills, confidence and qualifications needed to get a great a teaching job. As a Social Enterprise, we pursue into providing more employment opportunities for students or persons not in full-time employment or in full-time employment.

As a Social Enterprise, our key objective is to help reduce unemployment through training and education; and although the domestic graduate job market is weak, there remains a huge global demand for quality teachers.

By offering our Programmes, we have created a solution to help more and more people take advantage of that global demand in a flexible and affordable way.

Our students also benefit from our expert in-house Counselling Service to help ensure you get your perfect teaching job.

8 Teaching Philosophy

8.1 Communicating Course Aims and Objectives

English Language Centre encourages teachers to:

  • make intended learning outcomes clear to students
  • make evaluation criteria clear to students
  • explain the methodology they employ to students

8.2 Methodology

The ELC encourages:

  • student interaction and participation
  • a student-centred approach to teaching
  • activities that are challenging, achievable and intrinsically motivating
  • activities that are relevant to specific student groups

8.3 Creating a Positive Attitude and Atmosphere

The ELC encourages:

  • students to feel free to take risks and make mistakes
  • students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • teachers to be friendly and approachable
  • teachers to instil confidence in students and build up self-esteem
  • teachers to offer paramount care

8.4 Learner Training

The ELC encourages:

  • active learning
  • critical thinking
  • independent learning
  • lifelong learning

9 Writing Development Forum

The Writing Development Forum (WDF) provides free writing support to students at The University of Fiji. In one-on-one consultations and workshops, our consultants offer feedback and strategies to help you improve at every stage of your writing, from brainstorming to final drafts.

9.1 Writing Workshops

Sign up for a writing workshop and improve your writing skills. In these writing workshops, you will focus on a particular aspect of writing, and work in small groups to review and develop your draft assignment. Workshop topics include the following:

  • Planning and Organizing your Writing
  • Writing Complex Sentences
  • Avoiding Run-ons and Fragments
  • Effective Support and Elaboration
  • Revision Strategies
  • Paragraph Unity
  • Incorporating Sources
  • Troubleshooting Paragraphs
  • Editing for Clarity and Style
  • Proofreading Techniques

9.2 Writing Workshop: Planning and Organizing Your Writing

Getting started can sometimes be the most difficult part of the writing process. Writers may have difficulties in thinking of ideas to include in an assignment, selecting the best ideas to include, and organizing these ideas. During this workshop, you will learn to:

  • use various invention techniques to help you generate content for your written assignments.
  • develop specific strategies to plan and organize your information

10 One-on-one consultations at the Language Clinic

Come to the Language Clinic to get advice from our Lecturers/Tutors on your English writing assignments. Here you can:

  • get answers to your questions about text structure, grammar, and usage;
  • develop your ideas logically and coherently
  • learn writing skills and strategies
  • reflect on your writing processes to become a more effective writer.

11 Co-curricular Activities:

  • UniFiji Creative Circle
  • Writer’s Worksop
  • Writers’ Association
  • First Landing Chronicle: students’ original articles edited and displayed
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with Centre for Diasporic Studies
  • Oratory competitions
  • Essay writing competitions

12 English Courses

  • Full Time General English Courses
  • Part-time General English Courses
  • Short General English Courses
  • Full Time Literature Courses
  • Part-time Literature Courses
  • Part-time Grammar and Writing Courses
  • Part-time Conversational English Courses
  • Part-time Pronunciation and Speaking Courses

13 Message

  • Welcome to the services and facilities of the English Learning Centre (ELC) of The University of Fiji.
  • Please come and visit our English Learning Centre or our General Office at the University of Fiji to find out more about how we can help you improve your English language/English Literature skills while you are studying at the University.