Diploma in iTaukei Language and Culture

A full time student studying Diploma in Fijian Language and culture would normally take 3 semesters (40 credit points) to complete the programme. The course offered by the centre for Indigenous Studies in the 1st and 2nd Semester are listed below:

ITK101 Listening & Speaking Fijian (Itaukei Language)
ITK102 Reading & Writing Fijian (Itaukei Language) 1
ITK201 Language in Cultural Context
ITK202 Ceremonies, Protocol & Oral Traditions
ITK203 Reading & Writing Fijian (Itaukei Language) 2
ITK300 Research Project
ITK301 Creating Literature in Fijian (Itaukei Language)
ITK302 Vanua, Land and People

Other compulsory courses to make up the 40 credit points required for the Diploma in Fijian (Itaukei Language) Language & Culture are:

UUU100 Social Research, LLC101 English for Academic Purposes, UUU200 Contemporary Fiji, UUU300 Governance and Ethics, ITC101 Computer Platforms, HIC111 Spoken Hindi for Beginners.