Chemistry is often referred to as the central science and occupies a key position in modern industrial society, bridging various areas of chemistry with other disciplines such as biochemistry and molecular biology, materials and polymer science, earth and environmental sciences, and engineering. It puts one in an excellent position to choose from a wide variety of interesting and rewarding careers in specialized fields of study: physical sciences, pharmaceutical science, water and waste management, and forensic science. Therefore, a good science degree with chemistry emphasis will provide an excellent basis for understanding the physical universe we live in.

CHE111 Principles of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
CHE112 Principles of Organic Chemistry
CHE211 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE212 Organic and Analytical Chemistry
CHE213 Physical Chemistry

Compulsory service courses for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Double Majors (offered in both Semester I & II):

ITC100 Information Technology for the Workplace
ITK111 Spoken Fijian (Itaukei Language) for Beginners or HIC111 Spoken Hindi for Beginners
LLC101 English for Academic Purposes
UUU100 Social Research
UUU200 Contemporary Fiji
UUU300 Governance and Ethics

CHE311 Quantitative & Qualitative Techniques
CHE312 Aquatic Chemistry
CHE313 Environmental and Applied Chemistry
CHE314 Biochemistry

Interdisciplinary compulsory courses;

Year 2:

ESC200 Scientific Methods

ESC201 Climate Change & Society

Year 3:

ESC300 Natural Resource Management