Centres Overview

Centre for Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (CCCEESD)

Centre for Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (CCCEESD) at the University of Fiji was established by the University Council to strengthen research capacity, policy making, planning and sustainable development in areas of climate change, energy and environment. It showcases University of Fiji at regional level and enhances strategic alliances with stakeholders with a view to collaborate research, consultancies and attracting regional students. The centre will provide long term research on the causes and consequences of climate change in order to foster the creation of knowledge in this multidisciplinary science.

Goals and Objectives

The main goals and objectives of the Centre are: research/ analysis of emerging issues in renewable energy and climate change; monitor global and national climate variability and change; prepare a highly-qualified team of researchers with the primary objective of achieving excellence in research, training and dissemination; offer postgraduate programmes and opportunities for research in strategic areas such as natural resource management and climate change; and, to establish links with institutions and research organizations in developed and developing countries.

News and Events

The Centre has established a new Masters Programme in Renewable Energy Management which will begin in semester 1, 2017. The programme is offered to offered in the face to face mode and is available to Bachelor of Science graduates with backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Engineering as well people who have good experience in the Renewable Energy Management sector.

The University of Fiji in collaboration with University of Alicante, Spain, University of Papua New Guinea, PNG and European Commission (EC) undertook the Project RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE PACIFIC: DEVELOPING SKILLS AND CAPACITY (EPIC). The duration of the project was 3 years with the total budget of 469403.92 Euros out of which 398993.33 Euros is sponsored by European Commission (EC).            The project started in the month October 2013 and the first visit to attend the Kick Off meeting at University of Alicante, Spain in November 2013.

The objective of the project was to:

•   establish the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE)

•   develop Masters in Renewable Energy Management (REM)

For more information can be found on EPIC website:  http://www.epic-project.eu/

Syed Ghani