Centre for Smart Technologies

Over the last century, ICT has become a key contributing factor towards economic growth in both advanced and developing countries. In the knowledge economy, information circulates at the international level through trade in goods and services, direct investment, technology flows, and the movement of people. As a result, ICT has been placed at the heart of economic changes in many countries. ICT sector plays an important role, notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth for any country. The use of ICT such as smart phones, internet applications, game technologies, various computer attachments and software programs have resulted in many positive changes in our modern society. These changes have not just been of a technical nature but more importantly of a structural nature. Majority of the organizations in today’s society has advanced and this has a huge impact on our daily lives. Our current ICT community however, has yet to reach its expectation level. Therefore, the continuation of research and innovation in ICT has become a continuous process. You may consider Centre of Smart Technologies at The University of Fiji would be the right platform to start your research and innovation in ICT.

The goals of this center are:

  • To develop a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence in ICT;
  • To provide an environment for the development and retention of productive faculty;
  • To facilitate the training of students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and community members; and
  • To encourage the development of translational and applied research with funding from local industries, federal agencies and international communities.

The CST research outcome will provide high innovative research that will encourage recruitment of high quality graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from the general public, industry sectors as well as internationally. This center will fascinate to exchange well known researchers idea for UniFiji’s research community and will highly involve exploring ICT education for those who never even got an opportunity to explore modern ICT equipments. The location of the center adjacent to the Fiji Islands will also facilitate interactions to develop a research relationship in the Asia-Pacific regions.

Together we can shape our world. If you agree then come and join with us to offer technology as a charity.

Director, A B M Shawkat Ali, PhD (Monash), SMIEEE