Centre for iTaukei Studies

The Centre for iTaukei Studies

kuridraniAssociate Professor Dr. Litiana Kuridrani

PhD International Public Health, MBA, PG Dip HRM, PG Dip Social Policy, BA Mgt/ Sociology (double major), Post Basic Public Health, Cert.Community Health & PHC, FRNOB


Vision: The CIS of the University of Fiji strives for international recognition in all areas of ITaukei studies networking with Indigenous societies that share the same vulnerabilities in language, culture, traditional beliefs, indigenous health and practices.


We are committed:

  • To provide learning opportunities through a student-friendly environment with creative thinking and innovative values to ITaukei studies.
  • To offer quality, research-based, relevant, disciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary learning and teaching to provide new knowledge and innovation in problem-solving.
  • To create and advance public engagement with the local community, industry, governmental agencies, and international bodies for collaborative and partnership-type research projects and research-based education.
  • To value academic freedom and foster UniFiji role as a critic and conscience of society.
  • To promote respect to staff and promoting their welfare and development.
  • To strive for the best possible international governance practices to enhance transparency and accountability in policy formulation and implementation on academia, finance, human resources, information technology services, local and international student experience, and facilities.

Achievements & Graduates 2011-2017

Year Program Graduates
April 2017   Diploma in iTaukei Language & Culture


Diploma in Teaching Itaukei Language, Literature & Culture (Secondary)



Bachelor of Arts (ITK/LLC)


Melania Rokoloqa Nukusere


Salote Tikomailepanoni Ralulu





Reama Halaapiapi

Taina Vere Rokovereni

2016 Diploma in Teaching Itaukei Language, Literature & Culture (Secondary)








Bachelor of Arts (ITK/LLC)



Sanita Diliwaikece

Motisela Gonevou

Vasiti Vosawale Lesavua

Siteri Lewaseni

Asenaca Nabeca

Marion Antuanette Peckham

Milinia Salasiga



Laitia Leano Kurucake

Ana Salaivalu Samasi

Waseroma Ratu Donu

Ro Mocelutu Vunivalu Ganilau


2015 Diploma in Teaching ITaukei Language Literature & Culture (Secondary)






Bachelor of Arts (ITK/LLC)



Diploma in iTaukei Language & Culture

Michael Joseph Shamsher Bonnar

Asena Liku

Kelera Mila Nabaro

Maraia Bulileka Nasila

Adi Mere Raucugacuga

Mereoni Tevulu Tabuivalu


Salanieta Numia Qutoniloma


Mosese Cawanivatu



Diploma in iTaukei Language and Culture


Diploma in Teaching ITaukei Language, Literature & Culture (Secondary)








Bachelor of Arts (ITK/LLC)




Ashita Ashwini Chand



Avisake Bania Naivaluvou

Sereima  Niukula

Adi Ana Lomawai Rasovo

Niumaia Todrelala Rawalai

Pauliasi  Taurisau

Anaisi  Tawalo

Sekonaia  Biu

Anasaini  Vuruleki


Alisi Katia Duaibe

Waisea Qio




Diploma in Teaching Itaukei Language, Literature & Culture (Secondary)



Litia Ditamana Daulakeba

Ulukalisi Bale Naigamu




Diploma in Teaching Itaukei Language, Literature & Culture (Secondary)


Diploma in  Itaukei Language & Culture


Anaisi Nai Selei




Vani Lewaroli Serevi



Contribution to the Communities / Country

  1. The CIS students participated at the Green Village Initiative at Namatakula village, Coral Coast, in Nadroga (refer photo)
  2. CIS invited for membership to the National Language  and Culture Council
  3. Kuridrani invited as a Speaker  to the International conference on Women in the Frontline at Navutu, Lautoka
  4. Kuridrani invited as a Speaker  to the Serua Methodist Conference at Namaqumaqua village Manfriday
  5. Chief Guest to the Vuda District School Concert
  6. Tuilevuka and Mr. Gaunavou had participated in a number of translations request such as Fiji Pine Ltd
  7. Kuridrani, Mrs. Rokuta and Mrs. Tuilevuka were invited as Judges to the  Fiji Arts Council Western division exhibition
  8. CIS members of staff were invited as judges to the Votualevu High School oratory competition

Internal Review Results

Internal Review conducted in May, 2017 and allowed CIS   to revisit all areas of leadership, teaching and research.

We have developed 2 new programs:

BA ITK Studies and PG Diploma in Traditional Ecological Knowledge on Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Management  as an outcome.

The documents had gone past PPDC and will be submitted to Senate for approval

Hoping o introduce pathways for middle and senior management in which prior learning criteria can be formulated as a pathway to a higher degree( see for example MBA Waikato and Iwi collective for the Indigenous Maoris of New Zealand as per reviewer recommendation

Expectations for the Future

CIS will explore the option of becoming the leading research based centre with the aim of becoming internationally recognized as the leading Centre for ITaukei and Indigenous Studies.

Collaborations with industries & organizations

CIS will continue working closely with ITaukei Affairs Board; Ministry of Education and other tertiary institutions both locally and abroad to ensure that its program maintains and strengthens its vision and work towards ITaukei development


CIS takes two compulsory courses in the University :

  • ITK111 IN BOTH Saweni and Suva campuses
  • MECT for the 1st year medical students in UPSM, Saweni.