Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) – In-service

The Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) degree programme began in July 2013 and is now available at the Saweni campus and in Suva Campus (next to DAV’s Girls College, Samabula).

The Bachelor of Teaching is a primary in-service teacher education program that has been designed to meet the well-accepted requirements for primary teacher education in Fiji, the region and beyond having the full accreditation of the Fiji Higher Education Commission.

The University of Fiji’s Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) programme aims to prepare primary school educators who are effective, critically reflective professional practitioners in any of the various contexts in which they may find themselves.

100 – level 200 – level 300 – level Total
Cross-Credits 8 courses from Certificates/Diplomas in Primary Teaching 3 courses from Certificates/Diplomas in Primary Teaching None from Certificates/Diplomas in Primary Teaching 11
Courses needed to complete Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) 0 5 8 13
Number of Courses 8 8 8 24

Year 1 – cross credited from either Certificate/Diploma in Primary Education/Teaching.

EDU120 – Child Growth & Development
EDU121 – Social Science Education 1
EDU122 – Primary Science Education 1
EDU123 – Primary Mathematics Education 1
EDU124 – Primary Language Study 1
EDU125 – Teaching & Learning in Primary Schools.
EDU126 – Studies in Physical Education & Health.
EDU127 – Professional Practice I

Year 3

EDU320 – Monitoring, Assessing & Evaluating Student Learning in Primary Schools.
EDU321 – PEMAC – Healthy Living & Family Life Education.
EDU322 – Primary Numeracy & Literacy Education.
EDU323 – Primary Science & Social Science Education.
EDU324 – Educational Leadership, Innovation & Technology.
EDU325 – School Administration: Planning & Reporting.
EDU326 – Teacher as a Researcher: Fostering Inquiry Based Learning.
EDU327 – Professional Internship & Reflective Teaching.

Year 2 – 3 cross credited from either Certificate/Diploma in Primary Education/Teaching.

EDU220 – Educational Psychology & the Teaching/Learning Process
EDU221 – Teacher Ethics & Virtues Education.
EDU222 – Diversity & Differentiated Learning: Educating Students with Diverse Abilities.
EDU223 – School Curriculum Planning & Delivery in Primary Schools.
EDU224 – Conversational Vernacular for Primary Teachers.
EDU225 – Music & Arts Curriculum.
EDU226 – Curriculum Studies in Physical Education.
EDU227 – Professional Experience II