Bachelor of Science in Biology (Double Major)

Biology is an important area of science and recent technology has given a new path to career opportunities for people with expertise in biological sciences. In Fiji as well as around the world, there are a number of companies, NGO’s and government agencies that employ research biologists who work on an extensive variety of ecological issues some of which include protecting and restoring the environment, fighting infections in humans, animals and plants, and evaluating food and drug security. We make substantial effort to assist you develop a broad base of skills within biological sciences.

BIO111 Animal Biology
BIO112 Plant Biology
BIO211 Biodiversity & Conservation
BIO212 Genetics
BIO213 Ecology
BIO311 Research Topics in Plant Biology
BIO312 Physiology
BIO313 Marine Biology
ITC100 Information Technology for the Workplace
ITK111 Spoken Fijian (Itaukei Language) for Beginners or HIC111 Spoken Hindi for Beginners
LLC101 English for Academic Purposes
UUU100 Social Research
UUU200 Contemporary Fiji
UUU300 Governance and Ethics

Compulsory service courses for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Double Majors (offered in both Semester I & II):

Interdisciplinary compulsory courses;

Year 2:

ESC200 Scientific Methods
ESC201 Climate Change & Society

Year 3:

ESC300 Natural Resource Management