Admission, Enrolment, Withdrawal and Auditing Regulations

1. Applications

1.1 Persons seeking admission to the University for the purpose of pursuing a programme or a course of study shall apply for admission on the Application for Admission Form.

1.2 Applicants must provide the following documents with the Application for Admission Form:

(a) a certified copy of educational qualifications and transcripts;

(b) a certified copy of the birth certificate, and marriage certificate if the surname is different from that on the birth certificate; and

(c) other documents that may be required by the University.

1.3 All applications must be received at the University by the dates shown on the application form.

2. Admission

2.1 The University may, in any year, decline to enrol any person or category of persons in any programme or programmes of study, or classes in any course, on the grounds of insufficient academic progress in this or any other university or tertiary institution.

2.2 Any person who is admitted to the University is deemed to agree to obey the regulations and rules of the University of Fiji.

3. Cancellation of Admission and Enrolment

The Senate may, at any time, withdraw or cancel any admission, enrolment, or re-enrolment, if it is satisfied that evidence tendered in support of the application was untrue or misleading.

4. Pre-Enrolment

Students who have enrolled in one year and are returning to continue their studies, and those who were on a break from their studies for a semester or longer and who wish to resume their studies, are required to pre-enrol for the courses they wish to take in the following semester.  A failure to pre-enrol would incur a late enrolment penalty of $50. (Pre-Enrolment currently not being implemented).

5. Enrolment and Registration

5.1 All students, and those whose pre-enrolment applications are not accepted must enrol each year at the required times in accordance with registration procedures approved from time to time by the University.  Registration shall take place at the beginning of each semester, normally in February for Semester 1 and July for Semester II, or as the University determines.

5.2 Students who do not complete their enrolment and registration on the day specified by the Registrar shall pay a late enrolment fee (see schedule of fees).

5.3 Late registration is permitted until the first Friday of the Semester.  A fee of $30.00 shall be incurred by students who register late without a valid explanation.

5.4 Students shall notify the Registrar as soon as possible of any subsequent change in the information given at registration relating to name, address and choice of courses.

5.5 Persons will not be permitted to attend lectures, classes or laboratories or

use the University library or any other facility of the University until they have properly registered as students.

6. Restriction on Enrolment

6.1 Any student of the University who is deemed during the first year of his/her studies to have a deficiency in any subject, would be required to complete a prescribed test.  A student failing this test would be required to enrol in and pass a basic course specified for this purpose before he/she would be permitted to proceed any further.  Students shall be charged the tuition fee specified for the course.

6.2 Students who fail a course at the pre-degree or 100-level on four occasions or at the 200 or 300-level on three occasions will not normally be permitted to re-enrol in that course.

6.3 Unless allowed by the Senate, students who are suspended under the Unsatisfactory Progress Regulations shall not be allowed to enrol in the semester in which they are serving their suspension.

7. Change of Courses

Students wishing to change their courses after registration must apply to the Dean of School on the prescribed form.  A student shall not normally be permitted to change courses after the first Friday of the semester.

8. Change of Programme

8.1 A student wishing to change her/his programme of study must apply to the Dean of School on the prescribed form.

8.2 A student on a scholarship must have the written approval of her/his sponsor to change her/his programme.

8.3 A student shall not normally be permitted to change her/his programme after the first Friday of the semester.

9. Withdrawal from Courses

9.1 Students who wish to withdraw from courses for which they do not wish to be assessed must inform the Registrar on the prescribed from, by the second Friday of the Semester in which case the fees for those courses shall be refunded in full. Each week of delay after this will incur a penalty of 25% of the fee. No fee would be refunded after the fifth Friday of the semester. The final date of withdrawal is the first Friday after the mid-semester break.

9.2   Students who withdraw after the deadline stated in clause 9.1 above shall be charged full fees.

9.3   Students who withdraw from courses during the semester shall be recorded as having withdrawn from that course and their names shall be removed from the course lists.

Students who do not formally withdraw from a course but cease attending classes or doing exams shall be recorded as having failed the course.

10. Cancellation of Registration

10.1 The University shall cancel the registration of students who fail to pay their tuition fees in full on the date determined by the Registrar. Students whose registrations have been cancelled in accordance with this section shall not, without the written authority of the Registrar enter the campus, or use any of the facilities of the University or attend classes from the date of cancellation of their registration.

10.2 Students whose registrations have been cancelled in accordance with this section shall not be allowed to return to the University or to enrol for any of the courses offered by the University until they have paid in full:

(a) the tuition fees owed to the University, and

(b) a fee of $50 for revalidation of their registration.

11. Withdrawal from the University

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University must apply for withdrawal on the prescribed form in order to be refunded any prescribed deposit she/he may have paid.

12. Auditing of Courses

12.1 The University may permit a limited number of persons to audit its courses where resources permit.

12.2 Auditing of courses shall be limited to attendance at lectures and there shall be no entitlement to tutorial assistance, to take tests, or to have assignments marked and graded, or use of library facilities.

12.3 Persons who have been accepted to audit a course may, however, apply to become external borrowers under the normal library regulations.

12.4 Persons seeking permission to audit a course shall apply in writing to the Registrar stating their qualifications and the reasons for wishing to audit.  They may be invited to attend an interview before permission is granted. Each application shall be approved by the appropriate School.

12.5 A decision to accept an applicant to audit a course shall only be made after the end of the first week of semester.

12.6 Students whose applications are approved shall, on payment of the fees, be issued with a letter authorizing them to attend lectures for the course(s) named therein, which must be produced on demand.

12.7 A certificate of attendance may be issued at the end of the course.

12.8 The fee for auditing is 50 percent of the normal fee of a course.

13. Unclassified Studies

13.1 A candidate may apply to the University to take courses under Unclassified Studies.

13.2 A person who is not eligible to be admitted to the University under the eligibility provisions of any programme may be granted permission by the Senate to enrol as a candidate for Unclassified Studies.

13.3   In coming to a decision on any application for admission under this regulation, the Senate shall take into account the applicant’s previous academic history.

13.4 Candidates for Unclassified Studies shall pay fees as if they were proceeding to the relevant Degree, Diploma or Certificate.

13.5 The normal regulations for assessing and crediting of courses shall apply.

13.6 A candidate who has passed a course under Unclassified Studies may at a later date have this course credited towards a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate provided the necessary conditions for the Degree, Diploma or Certificate are fulfilled.

13.7 There shall be no limit to the number of courses a student may take under Unclassified Studies.